Artikel Tentang Ekonomi

29.10.2014 08:44
Australian Economy
Continuously high interest rates, economy that is developing steadily even though not by leaps and bounds, practically complete absence of currency intervention on the part of official bodies - all of that is the achievement made with the h... Baca lebih lanjut
15.10.2014 12:56
Japan's Economy
Japan imports not only raw materials for its own production but also energy resources (gas, coal, oil, uranium, etc.). Only 20% of those raw materials are purchased at domestic markets, the country buys the rest abroad. Japan... Baca lebih lanjut
22.09.2014 08:34
Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Unlike fundamental analysis, where the conclusion regarding this or another currency is made on the basis of offer and demand for this currency, technical analysis forms conclusions regarding currency rates on the basis of currency market o... Baca lebih lanjut
09.09.2014 13:55
U.S. National Debt
Despite the program for reduction of the national debt amount implemented by Barack Obama government, the majority of analysts share the same opinion: the total debt amount will only increase as in absolute amount, so in regard to GDP. Acco... Baca lebih lanjut
01.09.2014 08:26
Mortgage crisis: Consequences
Just in 2013, the number of the unemployed in the world grew by 5 million people; and by the results of the same year, more than 200 million didn't have a job. More than five years after the mortgage crisis and 2008 economic crisis that... Baca lebih lanjut