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06.01.2015 07:39
European Plans: Greek Salad and a Flight without Insurance
New goals are caused by old problems. The year that passed under the banner of US dollar strengthening reflects logically aggressive policy conducted by Europe and Japan. Closed and self-sufficient American economy will be quite able both to handle dollar growth and the upcoming rate increase, and t... Read more
30.12.2014 07:31
A Secret Budget or Why Euro Needs Other People's Money
The biggest information intrigue of the recent months is not quite the dates of American rate increase or the purchase amount in the framework of the European QE. It is the creative investment plan developed by Jean-Claude Juncker with the price of 315 bln. euro (around $390 bln.), announced back in... Read more
23.12.2014 08:16
Is it Worth to Place a Bet on Bets?
The market moves to the pre-New year slumber, and only several provokers are active in small volumes - the time has come to think about "perspective" problems. Even wise Alan Greenspan tried to outsmart the market through manipulations with interest rates. The 1999 situation also had cheap raw mater... Read more
16.12.2014 07:23
Euro-2015: QE or not QE?
Weak perspective of long-term price stability in combination with low rate of Eurozone economic growth requires ECB's final decision with regard to implementation of large-scale QE program. Reevaluation of the regulator's corresponding measures is planned as early as in the 1st quarter of 2015. Anyw... Read more
09.12.2014 08:34
Do you have a Plan, Mr Dollar?
The NFP that passed is trying to persuade the market that US dollar is still powerful. Even against the background of rate revision back in April 2015 hardly anyone could imagine such a strong growth of labor market information. Farm payrolls dynamics until November sent signals with regard to slowi... Read more