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Favourite shares of Oracle of Omaha: looking for the most reasonable profit

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Favourite shares of Oracle of Omaha: looking for the most reasonable profit There are assets that Warren Buffett has held for over 30 years and has never sold. His fund first purchased these shares back in 1988 and has been accumulating ever since, earning dividends. Now Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRKb) controls the largest stake in Coca-Cola Co (NYSE: KO): 400 million shares (about 8.6%) worth $22 billion.Buffett started buying shares of Coca-Cola when they cost only a few dollars per share, so the profit during this time was huge. For example, Coca-Cola now pays quarterly dividends ranging from 44 cents to 50 cents per share, giving Berkshire Hathaway nearly $1 billion a year in net income.The main reason why old Warren likes Coca-Cola stock is its value. Buffett prefers fundamental analysis, therefore, he seriously invests only if the asset has the correct price, adequate from the point of view of the market. Coca-Cola shares have always been inexpensive and have had an undeniable competitive advantage since the products of this holding occupy more than 50% of the soft drinks market in the United States.In addition, for Buffett, it is important how exactly the market value of a share is created and how it is guaranteed. The stock market guru prefers to invest in productive assets and in real products, unlike, for example, cryptocurrencies with their unreliable virtual value.The company produces nearly 2 billion drinks a day, and it only needs to raise the price by just 1 cent per serving to get an additional $20 million a day. Coca-Cola's assets are as close as possible to Warren Buffett's business rules.Even the most cautious forecast for the first quarter of 2023 shows an increase in the stock price to $66.60 and the most optimistic one to $78. So Coca-Cola Co (NYSE: KO) shares are a great option for those who are ready to invest in medium-term distances with minimal risk.Profits to yall!#ForexChief #Buffett #forexnews #CocaCola #stocks #market #nyse #profit #BerkshireHathaway

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