06.12.2022 15:30

Rebellious Island: Strike as the Last Chance

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Rebellious Island: Strike as the Last Chance Britain is reaping the fruits of unwise policies. Transport and postal workers, doctors and teachers, as well as oil workers, lawyers, firefighters, border guards, civil servants and entrepreneurs are ready to protest. Rallies and marches are planned at least until the Christmas holidays. Main problems are wages, working conditions and utility tariffs.The population is getting poorer at a record pace. British economy has never recovered from the financial crash of 2008, the Brexit disaster and the Covid lockdown. Inflation exceeds 11% per year, and the recession in the economy has been going on for more than six months. Nearly 30% of all housing is mortgaged, with an average debt exceeding 100,000. The fastest-growing prices are for goods and services that cannot be abandoned: electricity, gasoline and groceries. Over the past 5 years, the demand for charity food distribution centres and essential goods has grown by 80%.Sunak's government is raising taxes and slashing spending to close more than 50bn of hole in the budget. The latest anti-crisis plan was released in November, but even the most optimistic analysts believe that the real incomes of the population will fall by 4.3% in the coming year. , and 2024  by another 2.8-3% by. So Britain will be able to return to the pre-crisis level of well-being no earlier than 2027, and by that time the average English family will be 20-30% poorer than it is now.The strikers demand an increase in wages adequate to inflation, but in a crisis, they can only count on an increase in payments of no more than 3%. The Conservatives are trying to turn the problem into a political plane and accuse Labor of provocations, which makes it difficult to find real solutions to labour disputes.So one can only sympathize with the British pound  it is he who is reserved the role of the first victim.Profits to yall!

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