07.12.2022 14:49

Oil is looking for a new route: trade with those who benefit

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Oil is looking for a new route: trade with those who benefit EU and the G7 countries have agreed on a maximum price for Russian oil transported by sea: no more than $60. The market backlash is supposed to be kept at the level of 5% below the market value. We will not discuss the legality and effectiveness of this decision, but such a step will lead to the emergence of a new category of winners in the oil market.Sanctions like these are changing oil supply routes that have been established for decades, making transportation more costly. The remaining clean oil barrels become more valuable. For example, American companies have received a fresh carte blanche: last week, the United States exported the maximum volume of oil products  more than 82.4 million barrels.The ban on shipping by sea may seem like a problem  now you can not ship oil directly from Russian ports to European ones. But no one bothers to find more complex delivery schemes, and now this is a special market product  expensive, but relevant. Countries such as Greece, for example, will willingly increase the price of their transport services by several times.In general, the lengthening of routes should help companies that specialize in the delivery of crude oil.Among the public oil transportation companies are Euronav (NYSE: EURN) and Frontline (NYSE: FRO), which are set to merge next year. Demand is already on the rise for Ardmore Shipping (NYSE: ASC) and Scorpio Tankers Inc. (NYSE: STNG), specializing in petroleum products.The tightening of sanctions guarantees a high discount for supplies to China, India and other emerging markets, and through these platforms, it will be possible to build alternative schemes for trading at world prices.Remember: the financial market is a dynamic and adaptive structure, and those who are looking for profit will always find new schemes and routes. And it will be enough for us to swim alongside them.Profits to yall!#ForexChief #G7 #forexnews #nyse #worldnews #Brent #wti #Cartel #oil

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